Is This a Good Time to Sell Your Home?


The last number of years has been red hot in most real estate markets. Many have seen their homes rise in value and are sitting on significant equity.

The markets may be reaching a ceiling and those considering whether it's time to sell should consider these two points.

1. If you sell where will you go? Selling is great when you can make a good return but you should consider where you will move if you do sell. More than likely homes in your area may have risen in value making finding your next home potentially difficult. You may want to take money off the table and rent until we enter the next buyers market.

2. Are there many current listings in your community? If there are a large number ...


Top 4 Side Hustle Gigs for 2022


It's a new year and many people have making more money high on their resolutions list. There are many ways to earn extra cash, the toughest part is fuguring out which hustles are worth really getting into. Here is a list of the Top Side Hustles for 2022.

1. Handyman Services - Handyman services is one of the easiest to get in to. The entry costs are low and the earnings can be fairly lucrative depending on where you live and what services you provide. It is important not to take on work that you have little or no experience in and not to assume you can figure something out as you go. Stick to what you'e comfortable with and be sure to ask for referrals. Handyman services are almost always in...


Top 5 Winter Projects for Your Handyman


With winter upon us consider hiring a handyman man to knock-out your to do list. Here are 5 projects to have your handyman help you with.

- Cleaning out the gutters. This is a nasty job and it's something that your handyman can help you with in no time.

- Fixing those leaky faucets. A slow dripping tap wastes water and costs you money every day, so have a plumber fix them for good this winter!

- Installing new insulation. If your home isn't well insulated, now is the time to have it done. You'll be glad you did when the cold weather hits!

- Painting or staining your deck or porch. A fresh coat of paint can really brighten up a space and it will help protect the wood from the winter weather.

- ...


How To Make Your Home Handicap Friendly and Accessible


If you are interested in making your home handicap friendly and accessible, then this blog post is for you. There are a lot of ways to make changes that will benefit those who have physical disabilities, as well as modifications that can help keep them safe. Here's what we'll be covering: how to modify the doorbell, find wheelchair ramps near me, fix common accessibility issues around the house, and more!

One of the simplest things you can do to make your home more handicap friendly is to modify the doorbell. For those who are in a wheelchair or have trouble getting up, it can be difficult to reach the doorbell. You can install an accessible doorbell that will allow them to ring the bell f...