Top 4 Side Hustle Gigs for 2022


It's a new year and many people have making more money high on their resolutions list. There are many ways to earn extra cash, the toughest part is fuguring out which hustles are worth really getting into. Here is a list of the Top Side Hustles for 2022.

1. Handyman Services - Handyman services is one of the easiest to get in to. The entry costs are low and the earnings can be fairly lucrative depending on where you live and what services you provide. It is important not to take on work that you have little or no experience in and not to assume you can figure something out as you go. Stick to what you'e comfortable with and be sure to ask for referrals. Handyman services are almost always in high demand, just be sure to price yourself competitively for the work you provide.

2. Home Baking - Many people and business loved fresh baked goods. Local stores and merchants like offering home baked goods to their customers. This is a great way to make a few bucks and not have to leave your home. You may want to network with people you know, neighbors and religious organizations to help spread the word. Be sure to bake goods you're familiar with and have made before so you don't regret your final prodcut.

3. Jewelry Making - This is a hustle many people are taking up. You can get creative with your designs and really create a strong customer base. Personal made jewelry is in demand because people love to support local independent independent producers rather than big corporations. It's all about networking when you get into jewelry design so be sure to post your new gig on social media, tell friends and family and consider hosting display parties.

4. Pet Sitting - Are you an animal lover? If so you may want to consider pet sitting as a side hustle. Many people struggle with finding quality care for their pets particularly when they have to go out of town. Pet sitting can be rewarding in that you don't deal with people you deal with pets. You can walk dogs, feed and play with cats, even look after birds, lizards, frogs etc.... Pet sitting allows you to work as much or as little as you want depending on how many clients you have. When word gets out that you provide great pet care you'll probably get so busy that you'll have to decline work.

Whatever you choose to do as your hustle do it with passion. Consumers can tell if a person is working for the dollars or working because they enjoy it. Keep hustling!


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