Safety Consulting

Worksite Health & Safety Inspections

These documented visits outline areas that are being performed as per the safety program. Workers' names will be connected to the positive results to allow for recognition.

The visits will also highlight any areas that need focus, tasks and actions that are not aligned with your safety program, the regulations, product proper use instructions and relevant standards. The report uses a matrix to highlight the highest concern complete with suggested action and future evaluation.

Workplace inspections reinforce the safety program and the safe work procedures. Alignment with the writings, teachings and the workers actions is best measured by day to day habits. Our goal is to build and support the habits that align with the program. Once accomplished new and young workers see the program in effect and the culture of safety continues.

Workplace inspections are best performed on a regular basis with documented results that include actions taken to correct any violations found.

We also create Safety Plans of various types to prepare contractors for high level risk work and meet Worksafe BC and OH&S regulatory requirements.

  • Safety Planning and Documentation

  • Construction Site Safety Plan

  • Construction Fire Safety Plan

  • Traffic Management Plan

  • Crane Safety Plan

  • Exposure Control Plan

  • Fall Protection Plan

  • Safe Work Procedures

  • Job Hazard Assessment

  • Field Level Hazard Assessments

  • Daily Site Inspections

  • Safety Policy and Manual Creation

  • Bullying & Harassment Policy

  • Worker Orientations

  • Confined Space Plan

  • First Aid Reporting

  • Injury and Incident Reporting (EIIR)

  • Hot Work Planning

  • Emergency Management and Evacuation Planning

  • Construction Site CSO Requirements