About Us


About Us

Zippidee’s focus is to empower services professionals and freelancers, by introducing them to additional sources of income through our automated, simple to use, transparent and hassle-free lead generation platform.

By generating leads that connect verified professionals and consumers, Zippidee creates a win-win situation.


  •  Great ready to hire lead options to independent service professionals and companies

  • Simple and easy professional and consumer connections via our lead generation and marketing platform

Why Choose zipidee?

  • Verified Sellers - Services professionals go through a screening and onboarding process

  • Increased Income - Zippidee helps consumers find the best services and helps professionals maximize returns and increase revenue.


Zippidee’s mission is to empower services professionals who are looking to be hired by generating ready to hire consumer leads that will convert into sales. Zippidee removes the unnecessary barriers of connecting professionals and consumers by using innovative technology to verify professional service providers and ready to hire consumer leads.

"One Company, One Website, Virtually Every Service!"

About Us