Risk/Hazard Assessments

Would you like to know what kinds of safety hazards exist in your Workplace?

The purpose of workplace safety inspections is to identify hazards and assess risk in your workplace on an ongoing basis. As part of a proactive injury-prevention process, inspections reveal the current state of your workplace and any activities that you can see. Workplace safety inspections can also help you identify hazards and prevent unsafe working conditions from developing.

Employers in BC are legally responsible for ensuring that regular workplace inspections take place, to identify unsafe conditions and work practices. The following places, tools and practices will be inspected: work areas; buildings and other structures; tools, equipment, machinery and vehicles (according to manufacturer's instructions); and work methods and practice. The level of hazard determines the frequency of inspections. For example, an office environment is usually inspected four times a year while inspections may take place monthly at a workplace with a higher hazard rating such as a warehouse. In a large workplace, inspections may be divided up, with sections inspected monthly.

A risk assessment is a thorough look at your workplace to identify those things, situations, processes, etc. that may cause harm, particularly to people. After identification is made, you analyze and evaluate how likely and severe the risk is. When this determination is made, you can next, decide what measures should be in place to effectively eliminate or control the harm from happening.

Zippidee Pro Safety Consultants can conduct a complete site safety inspection or a hazard assessment for anyone of your work processes on your worksite. Overall, our goal is to find and record possible hazards that may be present in your workplace.