Simple Steps to Keep Winter Costs Low


Winter is upon us. The change of the season also brings an increase in home expenses. To help you keep costs low we recommend these 5 simple steps.

1. Change your furnace filter. It’s a good idea to change your filter twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring. Changing the filter will improve your furnace’s efficiency and help keep your heating bills down.

2. Caulk around doors and windows. Caulk is an easy way to help keep warm air in and cold air out. Check your doors and windows both inside and outside for draft openings and give them a good caulking.

3. Repair or replace damaged weather stripping around your doors. If your weather stripping is broken or damaged have it repaired. Although cracks are small and typically unnoticeable they do create large amounts of heat loss. Repairing them is well worth it.

4. Check your attic insulation. Insulation plays a very important part in helping to maintain the indoor temperature you desire. If your insulation is faulty or lacking have it replaced or install additional insulation. It’s a good idea to have an insulation professional inspect your attic. You can find insulation experts on sites such as It’s worth the effort.

5. Install a programmable thermostat. Many newer programmable thermostats allow you to heat your house when you’re at home while decreasing the temperature setting when your away or at work. Check with a qualified hvac company for a consultation.

These simple steps will help you conserve energy and save you money. Enjoy the winter.

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